Vinod Yadav’s film ‘Gunda’ stands rocking solid in the 2nd week at the PVR’s Box Office in Bareilly

Vinod Yadav’s film ‘Gunda’ stands rocking solid in the 2nd week at the PVR’s Box Office in Bareilly

Bhojpuri heart-throb Vinod Yadav’s latest release ‘Gunda’ has created a flutter across PVR cinemas in Bareilly, UP with robust earnings in the second week. Incidentally “Gunda’ is the first Bhojpuri film to be screened in Bareilly’s PVR cinemas and that has been lapped up by the local audiences. What is surprising is that the same crowds which used to throng the single screens have now patronized the PVR for Vinod’ Yadav’s ‘Gunda’. 

Vinod Yadav ought to be congratulated for attracting the crowds at PVR multiplex more so with the patrons cheering up for him having stamped a positive impression in their hearts.

Having entered the second week with such huge demand actor Vinod Yadav is highly delighted. “I am overwhelmed with the praises and love showered upon me by the audiences. It’s just amazing! I had never imagined such frenzy. Instead, we weren’t expecting that ‘Gunda’ could struggle to sustain itself in the first week, but with the film entering the second week with stupendous success is a positive surprise for us,” reveals Vinod Yadav adding, “My heart-felt thanks to my audiences for loving my film so much.”

It is the chemistry between Vinod Yadav and Anjana Singh and their songs in particular that has strung a chord in the hearts of the people. Vinod is now busy preparing the schedule for his next film that would be extensively shot all over Bareilly.

Directed by Iqbal Baksh, ‘Gunda’ has Anjana Singh paired with Vinod Yadav and also stars Gunjan Pant, Ehsan Khan, Susheel Singh, Ayaz Khan, Amjad Qureshi, Subhash Yadav and Namita Pandey playing important characters. Azad Singh, Pyarelal Yadav and Sehkar Madhur have penned beautiful lyrics of ‘Gunda’. The film’s PR is handled by Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala while the story is by Surendra Mishra and Choreography by Ricky Gupta.


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