Support Barkha Trehan in Her Fight for Equal Rights for Men! What do we do?


Purush Aayog is a civil society organization of concerned citizens who voice men’s issues and fight for their legitimate rights. We create awareness about Men’s Rights on a mass scale and also write articles, participate in televised debates, organize demonstrations and seminars for the same. We are a social movement which demands justice and equality for all, irrespective of their gender identity. Gender equality and in turn equality before law or the equal protection of laws for men and women is our goal.

What is the event about?

The event is to honor Men of exceptional caliber for their outstanding achievements, distinguished contributions, and invaluable service to our nation and humanity at large.

This event will be a stepping stone for creating a robust ecosystem of influential men who will be voicing out their support for Gender neutral laws and Men’s rights.

About Barkha Trehan :

Equal right Activist . Strong believer of gender neutral society. Discards gender specific Prejudice & stereotypes. Believes in equal justice to all genders in legal parlance. True faith in constitution of India which promises and will deliver rights to all gender without discrimination and strives for same.


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